What Professionals Say


“Dear Sir,
This is the most gratifying letter to send to someone. My husband had a back problem for many years. As a Medical Doctor I had him see as many specialists as possible. He has visited consultants, orthos, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and pain clinics.

Recently, about 4 or 5 week ago, he saw in the Readers Digest (August 2000) an article about the Flexibak, and ordered it. He has had one of the nerves permanently trapped and the gluteal muscle would contract intermittently.

Well this is nothing short of a miracle. He started and persevered with your product and he is now free of pain, free of tablets, no muscle spasms. If any day work affects his back, he just uses it and immediately all pain is gone.
Everyone should know they can be helped, in the UK and abroad. As a Doctor and wife of a back sufferer I would like to cry to all the world, “look people help is on the way.”
Maria Cafferty
Doctor, Hull, England.


“…A well designed, safe and effective product that is not just another back relief gimmick. It will help relieve back discomfort, but in addition will also have more far reaching positive effects to the users general health.”
Nicholas Marcer D.O.,
International Lecturer in Osteopathy, Switzerland.

“The Flexibak is the best back product I have ever seen for mechanical low back pain. It relaxes the low back muscles and joints.

What a great way to normalise joint function with a gentle method. This re-integration tool is a real gift for the mechanical low back-pain sufferer.

I have found it really helps maintain the mobility that is gained from my treatments, so I recommend it for post adjustment use in the office or home.”

Dr Harry L Wallace,
Chiropractic Professor.