Hi Flexibak,
Yes this is another order for the same product – my brother is so taken with it he won’t give mine back!!
I have been raving about the benefits I have been finding that when he tried it he said he couldn’t imagine why it has took us both so long to find something that actually works for both our lower back problems.

So yes this is a repeat order, many thanks LD

LD, Landscape Gardner, Cumbria*


Dear Flexibak,
I am really pleased with my Flexibak and even resting on it and stretching out my legs at times when I could not even do the exercises, at first, helped. It was a bit like a cool breeze coming on a hot day. Buying my Flexibak was really worth it and all the better for being a non-drug way of actually going to the source of the problem.
Someone I know suffers from lower back pain and I have suggested that a Flexibak might be helpful to him, please send me a brochure to pass on to him.

AM, Archbishop, Beckenham*


Hi Flexibak,
I took delivery of my Flexibak from you this morning – thank you. I have one small problem however; I don’t want to get off it! It is sooo comfortable!

Have you considered supplying accessories for semi permanent life on the Flexibak, such as a stand for holding a book whilst you read (War and Peace would be my choice!), or a drip feed for nutrients so that you can stay on your back all day!!
Seriously though, this is one serious bit of equipment and whilst I had some misgivings before purchase relating to the price of the item, I realize that its quality and design wholly justify the investment. I’m really pleased.

Thank you and can I just explain that any mistakes in this email are due to its being quite difficult to type whilst on your back on the floor!

Regards, D M M J, retired Solicitor, Anglesey, North Wales*


Dear Flexibak,
Please send me a brochure for my friend who isn’t on e mail. I’ve recommended the Flexibak to her as I have one and think it is brilliant. Many thanks

MN, Housewife, Bolton*


Dear Flexibak,
As discussed, I am a 47 year old Graphic Designer. I sit at a computer screen for much of the day and suffer from occasional lower back pain; when this strikes, Flexibak is the difference between working and being unable to work.
I bought my first Flexibak in 2002 and was very pleased with the wonderful results I received. After a while, I lent it to a friend in Devon – he found it so useful that he has never returned it.

So I bought another one. As I don’t learn from my mistakes, I lent my second Flexibak to a business contact locally. Again he found it so useful that he has never returned it. The one I have just bought is now my third Flexibak. I will NOT be lending it to anyone else. Many thanks for all your help.

Yours sincerely, Sam E, Graphic Designer, Tewkesbury*


Dear Flexibak,
James is very interesting and full of knowledge on so many products. The Flexibak is great. It was interesting to sit and listen to all the different benefits, he certainly believes in all he promotes and can explain everything easily.
I have told lots of people about the Flexibak and how good it is. I would recommend it to anyone.

MJ, Funeral Director*


Dear Flexibak,
Following our meeting, I just have to say how impressed I am with your dedication and to your commitment to healthy living. You really are living proof that looking after yourself pays off and learning how you got into your business was fascinating.

I have had a go on the Flexibak, which was brilliant. My Dad had put his back out playing golf and within minutes he was moving more freely and now uses it whenever he gets the slightest twinge. I look forward to recommending Flexibak to all my friends.

LB, Film Producer, Gloucester*


James is different from other people who sell health related products because he uses the products himself and is genuinely concerned about the well being of the people he sells them to. I and other members of my family have benefited from the Flexibak.

Jon C, Software Developer*


Dear Flexibak,
What a marvellous piece of kit! I know this sounds extremely silly, but I put my back out lifting a sack of compost up a step, and wandered around in agony until somebody said: “have you tried Flexibak?” I had completely forgotten that we had one! I went straight home, settled myself down in extreme comfort, and it sorted it out.

Something went again, the other day, and this time I went straight to the Flexibak and it sorted it out again, more or less in one go. It really is a marvellous piece of kit, thank you so much for introducing us to it.

Yours sincerely, Diana B*


Dear Flexibak,
Thank you for selling me the Flexibak cradle.
Since I suffered a sports injury at college 20 years ago I have experienced intermittent low back pain. I have tried everything I can think of to cure it, without success. As I am frequently away from home with my job, having an attack of pain is a real problem for me.

Since I have used Flexibak the problem has gone. After only a few days using the device my low back pain disappeared and does not recur. If I feel a twinge I just lie on Flexibak for a few minutes the pain is averted.

The Flexibak now travels with me in the car all the time.

Yours sincerely, David H, Sales Representative*


Dear Flexibak,
After talking to my friend, I felt I had to write to you. She has been using your Flexibak for a few months now and swears it’s the best thing that has happened to her since she met Ken.
She has suffered with lumbago for years on and off which, apart from having to lie absolutely flat for up to a week, when she was suffering with a swollen lumbar muscle, had left her with a slightly cockeyed posture. Since exercising on the Flexibak however she feels she may be able to say “goodbye” to lumbago, and she says she is standing straighter.

Very best wishes from me,

Yours sincerely,
Val T, Interior Designer*


The Acupuncturist
“In my opinion, Flexibak is simply the most effective home care health product!”
Caroline H*


The Doctor
“As a chronic back pain sufferer, I can without hesitation recommend the Flexibak.”
Dr Jane R. S*


The Motorcycle accident victim
“I have used Flexibak for six months now and feel that my spine is better than at any time since the accident.”
Steve L*

The Laundry worker
“I’ve been to the doctor a number of times but I’ve been told it’s down to general wear and tear. I have taken tablets and painkillers for it but they only ever work for a little while.
“I’m absolutely delighted with the results from the Flexibak.”
Kathy H*


The Builder
“As a physical worker, believe me when I say I know what back pain is. The Flexibak is an amazing natural alternative to painkillers.”
Elliot H*