Flexibak – means you can enjoy the little things in life.

More working days are lost through back pain than through any other single ailment. The truth is that everyday living is bad for your back! Standing, sitting, shopping, driving, lifting, carrying, even relaxing in front of the TV can injure your spine.

The muscles surrounding your spine and the cartilage separating the individual vertebrae get inflamed and compacted with everyday use. And that’s where the pain starts.

Flexibak works by repairing the damage that everyday life inflicts on your back and soothes away the pain.

Ergonomic & practical…

Shaped and constructed to the most exacting scientific specifications, it is made from rubber wood, corrosion-proof aluminium and ultra durable nylon to be lightweight and compact for a lifetime of pain relief.

How Flexibak relieves back pain…

The segments of your Flexibak and the spaces between them have been designed to support the lower spinal column and body weight in such a way that gravity begins to reverse the compression accumulated through the day. To use it, you lie on the floor and slip the Flexibak under your pelvis. The segments then cradle the backbone, tilting the back upwards. As the weight-bearing lower lumbar joints begin to relax, as pressure is released from inflamed muscles, strained tendons, bulging discs and compressed nerves.

Well designed, safe and effective

“…A well designed, safe and effective product that is not just another back relief gimmick. It will help relieve back discomfort, but in addition will also have more far reaching positive effects to the users general health.”

Nicholas Marcer D.O.

International Lecturer in Osteopathy, Switzerland.