10 Truths about your back

  1. You do damage to yourself throughout the day because five key joints in your back are compressed whenever you sit down, drive the car or carry the shopping. You cannot stop this, it's called life.
  2. Your compression of these joints can lead to back problems and sciatica that increase as you get older or give you recurrent bouts of sharp back pain.
  3. Decompressing these five key joints is essential for your spine to function properly.
  4. When you decompress these joints you restore vitality not just to your back, but to your general well being.
  5. You must decompress these joints in the correct way by using the correct tool. You cannot force it to happen!
  6. Your body will then start to quickly heal itself.
  7. Your discs between the individual segments of the backbone will pull water molecules from around your body and thicken, if you do the right movements.
  8. The spine guards itself against damage so it has to be released properly, that's why not any exercise will do.
  9. You will diminish pain and become more flexible.
  10. The more you do this the younger your back will feel - it's compounding interest in your own health.

You have everything to gain. Take the first steps on the road to feeling ALIVE! Simply follow the instructions in this site and throw away your fears of back pain.

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Flexibak will lower back pain in up to 83% of cases...

Suffering back problems? Flexibak is an osteopath-designed back support cradle that eases lower back pain problems and discomfort. Enjoy back pain relief by correct decompression of key joints, allowing natural movement to return.

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I know this sounds extremely silly, but I put my back out lifting a sack of compost up a step, and wandered around in agony until somebody said: "have you tried Flexibak?"
Diana Beaver

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