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Last year, more than 16 million of us suffered some sort of back pain and 2.5 million people in Britain live with the pain every day. The Flexibak is the latest innovation to aid those afflicted.

It looks a bit like the rib cage of a wooden skeleton. The spine of the device ? a steel pole coated in nylon ? runs through eight wooden ribs (in fact they made from Hevea wood known as rubber wood) that promise to decompress the joints of the back.

As an occasional sufferer of lower back pain, I was obviously eager for the device to work, even though it looked about as comfortable as a bed of nails I was soon clambering on to it.

This process was itself quite tricky and once I was lying on the device, I was still unsure of whether I was in the correct position. However, after rocking from side to side on it for the suggested 10 minutes, I did feel it was getting right to the parts of my back that were feeling most pain.

The sensation was a bit like having a penetrating massage by a good osteopath.

However, at a hefty �79.95 [note: now �59.95] for what seems to be a simple device, you could be feeling the pain in your wallet instead.

To order a Flexibak call Probak Limited on 0800 085 0900.


Flexibak will lower back pain in up to 83% of cases...

Suffering back problems? Flexibak is an osteopath-designed back support cradle that eases lower back pain problems and discomfort. Enjoy back pain relief by correct decompression of key joints, allowing natural movement to return.

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Marvelous Piece of Kit
I know this sounds extremely silly, but I put my back out lifting a sack of compost up a step, and wandered around in agony until somebody said: "have you tried Flexibak?"
Diana Beaver

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